Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Process

So the process has been as follows thus far-
- the day after graduation i started my application for Americorps NCCC
- 3 days later my references were complete so i was finally able to send in my online application
-2 days later my application status changed to 'under review'
-about a week later i recieved a piece of mail that informed me to call a number so that i could set up an appointment for someone to assess my application
-so the next day i call to set up what i thought would be a phone interview based on everything i had read, but instead i was told that it just meant my application would be reviewed(so confusing right?) so i set my appointment up for the following day. i still had my phone clutched to me though just in case someone did end up calling that day, but no one did but i was still anxious as to what would happen next and how long i would have to wait until i heard something
-after about a week of constantly checking my email for a status change, i was notified that i was waitlisted! which doesn't amount to all that much, as most everyone is pretty much waitlisted, but still exciting stuff
-about a week later i recieved my fingerprint packet with a medical/mental health form
-so yesterday i got my fingerprints done, and so now i just have to mail all the stuff in today!
     I really hope I can get into this program, it's pretty much all I've been thinking about lately, it'd give me a chance to continue the volunteer work that i started with last year in high school that i was sad to have to leave.  I'll give more info on why I applied to this program later.  Thid blog is probably a bit premature, considering i won't even possibly hear of any form of acceptance until the first week of September, but here's to hoping that I'll get in =)

                                                        <3 Heather G