Sunday, March 11, 2012

About to begin the work I signed up for!

Training month is now over! I'm in Baltimore with my team! (though not everyone is here at the moment, we have 3 firefighters on my team and two are gone for this first week of spike but one is gone for the whole round) Our house is really cool! My team lleader says it'll probably be the best living situation we'll be in all yea. There's a backyard in the back that doesn't look like much right now, but as a team we're planning on fixing it up and I'm so excited for that! It has so much potential! Our work start at 9am on Monday and the first couple days will just kind of be an orientation of the warehouse. Lots of things will be going on these next two months! The good thing is that finding internet access won't be hard at all, so I'll be able to update you guys fairly regularly! (at least for this round)
         Lasy Friday was the last night at 9h dorms,  I hadn't expected to do much more than pack and sleep but then I got invited to go bowling! Something else to cross off my list, I've never been in a position where i could say yes to go do something without putting much thought into it. Being spontaneous is awesome! haha 
         Well that's all for now! I'm having an awesome time and hope all you guys are doing fantastic!! I also have been able to photos up! Alright well gotta go, update soon!
                                                                 Until then,
                                                             <3 Heather G


  1. I'm excited that I found a current blog of someone who has joined the NCCC. I'm 21 years old (going on 22 this summer)and wanted to join something along this line while I still can. Is there any pointers that you have for someone like me who wants to join? And I was also wondering about the PT...What kinds of things do they have you do during it? I have asthma so I basically suck at running. Also I have a tendency to be somewhat shy do you think that this would be a major disadvantage? I would greatly appreciate if you responded :]. Thanks.

  2. I would totally reccommend this program! Definitely have a back up plan while you wait though because you could literally be notified last minute that you got in. (I got the call an entire week AFTER training started) As for being shy, that's no worry at all! I'm also one to take time to warm up to people but everyone is usually pretty crazy and nice and weird and it's very easy to become yourself, it's pretty awesome! Basically what they say is our PT is like military PT but cut in half, which during CTI (Corps Training Institute) month(which is the first month) you will be doing PT with your whole unit sometimes that involves running and sometimes it just routines such as crunches, push-ups among other things, each PT is 45 minutes and you do it 3 times a week (5 times if you become firefighter) As you go into spike you'll be doing team workouts which vary depending on what team you're in, it's definitely not about how much you you do, as long as you always put your best effort into, you'll be good. Patience will definitly be key in this program as well, as there are many personalities that can potentially clash! There's a lot more I can tell you about if you have more questions! Feel free to email me at!