Friday, April 13, 2012

On to the next phase of round one

So sorry I haven't been keeping up! (I know that sentence seems to be on repeat with every post) Our teams first round is a bit odd in the fact that our round has two projects instead of the usual one. This is known as an extended round. We just finished the 5 week project at the Loading Dock, where we organized door section where there were a TON of doors, by doing this, their sales on doors are now 120% from where they were before. It's crazy!  We did a variety of beautification projects on the landscapes outside the Loading Dock, such as mulching and picking up garbage. We also created signs for each major section where there was sellable material, which will make it easier for customers to buy, therefore creating a more sustainable reusable material warehouse. It was interesting to see how the project came together at the end, and how we have grown as a team despite the frustrations that come along with living and working with the same people on a daily basis.
         Our next project will be for three weeks with Rebuilding Together Baltimore. We begin on monday and will be staying in a church parsonage. We will be helping Rebuilding Together Baltimore prepare for Rebuilding Day which is on April 28th where a massive amount of volunteers come on that date and help fix homes in the specified neighborhood locations. We will be helping to prepare for Rebuilding day, help coordinate volunteers on the day, as well as clean up for the week after. We will be work 6 day, 8 hour a day for the next two weeks and then a four or 5 day 8 hour day work week on the last week
                      On May 4th (yes, my bday) we will be heading back to the perry point campus for our trasition week where we will be doing our project debrief as well as our next project director's brief.
       On round two we will be going to Hamden, Connecticut! We will be working at a YMCA camp called Camp Mountain Laurel. This recieved much damage on its property from last year's Hurricane Irene so we will be doing a lot of trail restoration. We will also get to work with kids in an education format as well as help the staff plan out its summer education schedule. Also, I have been chosen by my team leader to be assistal team leader (ATL) for the round which I'm pretty excited about. Disaster is something I've really wanted to work with so I'm pretty excited about this project all around. We will be staying on the YMCA site in two arts and crafts rooms as our sleeping quarters. We will have access to facilities such as archery ranges, swimming pools, tennis courts etc.
    Also the city our project is located at is close to New Haven and is also, by bus, about two hours to New York City! Exciting!
       That's all I have to give for now, tomorrow I have to get up early! we're leaving at 5:45 am to go kayaking to do river clean up for community service day! It's about a 2 and a half hour drive hence the early start time. This has been quite the week! I hope you all are doing well! I'll try to update again on monday after the first day of work at Rebuilding Together!

                                                                                Until Then,
                                                                           <3 Heather G

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