Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrapping up week 1!

End of week one with rebuilding together is actually tomorrow this week and next week we are working monday-saturday work schedules. Very long hours, but totally worth it =) (energy drinks also help haha) The aim of Rebuilding together is to create warmer, safer,  and drier homes. For their homes to qualify for what's known as Rebuilding Day (which is on the last Saturday of April every year) people must be over a certain age, have a disability or have children. A total of about 30 homes will be worked on as well as about 10 community beautification projects. This week and next week we have been/will be preparing for this day. We have so far already prepared materials, and done several fix up projects. YesterdayI got to get into a 29'' crawlspace to take out installation at a house and tomorrow I get to go back again to install it! Pretty exciting! Small spaces just seem to entrance me haha. Today we will be putting primer on a retaining wall for one of our upcoming community projects. This week has already gone by so fast, it's so weird!! The parsonage that we are staying in is pretty nice too, but we are definitly being spoiled by having a kitchen and a pretty spacious space haha. This experience is teaching me so much already! I definitly feel like i've changed a lot within myself,enjoying PT, eating foods I wouldn't have ever tried if not for this program, feeling like age isn't a factor in the sense of getting things done. I'm really enjoying the people we're working with too, and it definitly puts a whole new perspective on things when so many people come together from all different worlds. I'm definitely excited for the next spike as it gets closer (we'll only be 7 miles from the beach! Maybe I'll send out some seashells!)
     So that's all for now! Let me know what you guys are up to! It's easy to get wrapped up in what's known as the Amerilife, so I'd really like to hear from you!

                                                                              Until Then,
                                                                           <3 Heather G

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