Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello there!

  So I'll start out by saying that I am one sore person! Wall sits during PT make for a very sore rear end XP I feel like an old lady every time i have to sit and get up at the moment haha.
  On an entirely different note, we have had FOUR fire drills in between friday and yesterday, the first and last were because of the fire alarms messing up, the 2nd and 3rd were actual fire drills. Of course the fluke ones happened when everyone was getting ready for bed. The second one on friday night was a particularly chilly night everyone was freezing so most of the Corps members formed a huge huddle, and I happened to be smack in the middle of it somehow! It was quite the experience haha.
  Yesterday was training for permanent specialty roles, my role as a service learning initiator (aka SLI) is to do at least 3 service learning projects for my team during our 6-8 week project "spike" and also initate team reflections about the project. There are many other things that I as an SLI must do, and that includes a BUNCH of paperwork, but I think it'll be pretty fun as I get hands on with the job. Also, at the end of each project round the team will create a project portfolio and I'll help coordinate that.
     Search and rescue training on friday! I'm stoked about that =) 
Had a yummy dinner tonight! ginger chicken and rice and a cauliflower/potato mix that is pretty good!
   A person on my team has taken from calling me  "Heather G" to occasionally calling me "g-unit'.Yea, 'cuz I'm so gangster, right? haha. The team is pretty cool and we're all bonding really well  =)
    Yesterday, I took a run along the bayside that's right acrooss from the dorms. Let me tell you, I have never seen something so breathtaking as a sunset on the water. It's amazing!
       I'm super excited to find out where our team is headed for spike! Should know in a couple days!!!
 Sorry, I'm still lacking in pictures. I probably won't be really starting to take a boatload of pictures until spike though!
    Well that's all for now, I'll post again when something of importance comes up!
                                                                      Until then,
                                                                   <3 Heather G

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