Friday, February 10, 2012

So, it's not a dream?

It’s now February 10th….Yep, this is still very real! I’m still trying to take it all in and my mind is racing of all the things I need to do before I leave in just 4 days. I need to buy some necessities, pack my room, pack my bag and say all my goodbyes to my family. It’s weird, I’ve never flown on my own, I’ve never even been so far away on my own, and the longest I’ve been away from family is like one week and that was for a sixth grade camping trip so there were people I knew and people I was friends with. This is definitely going to be a new adventure for me and that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting for so long. I’m glad I was lucky and got at least 5 days notice instead of like 2. Now I can be fully prepared and can also see most of my family before I go.
I’m not even really sure what to pack. They say to pack as little as possible and I’m not exactly sure how to do that for ten months. I put a list together but I know I’ll probably forget something I usually do, even when I over pack to go somewhere haha. I suppose I’ll just have to do my best and hope that’s enough!    I’m super excited, I know this is just one of those things that is going to change and help define my life. And to think, just the other day I was just some girl who worked in a bagel shop! (I can see myself when I’m like 70 years old telling one of my old lady stories about how my first job was at a bagel shop XD)

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