Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Here!

So I left yesterday at 8:15 and arrived in Baltimore at 6:10 eastern time. A very long flight to say the least! And then the campus is about another 50 miles from Baltimore. But I made it! When I got in last night there was much to talk about! First I got my uniform (I'll try to post a pic in the next few days!It's A pretty cool feeling to wear it!) there were a few other people who had arrived last night as well. After that we got to the dorms, which to me they are huge! I think there's about 160 of us here, so many names that i can't remember! I have 5 other roomates in my room and I have a top bunk, but at least we have a room with a shower! There is so much diversity here, its so crazy and cool!

    Today, I had CPR and first aid training, 6 hours! But Red Cross doesn't make you take a written test in order to get certified so that's cool. After that we went to Walmart which is also really big! (Maryland seems to like big stores) Got back to my new home,  took a run, had some dinner with my pod ( there are about 5 teams in each group thus we call them 'pods') Oh yea! That reminds me! I'm in a team called Moose 1! At least for tonight anyways, tomorrow we get our permanent teams that we'll have for the next 10 months. Which means even more people to meet!
      Tomorrow I also go to Delaware to get my medical stuff done, which means shots, but oh well heh. After that i'll be going to DC to help with a swim meet either tomorrow or Saturday! (depending on which team I get into.) Everyone is crazy nice here even though  a lot are at least a couple years older than me but it's all good! 
   Well that's all for now, the campus is really pretty (right along Chespeake Bay) there are a LOT of deer, and no so snow as of yet, but I'm sure I'll see it somewhere soon  =P
  Monday is President's Day, so we get it off, all I have to do that day is go back to Deleware for TB results, so that's probably when my next post will be!

                                                                        Until Then,
                                                                     <3 Heather G

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