Thursday, February 9, 2012

Waiting is worth it in the long run!

So I've been waiting for this for about 7 months now. I got accepted into Americorps NCCC! I leave for Perry Point on February 15th! This is how my day went:
               I had the day off from work so i ended up waking up at about 11am, i found a message from Americorps NCCC from a Kevin Johnson(which i thought was a bit funny considering that's the Sacramento mayor's name heh) saying to call him back ASAP, i start freaking out and in my head think of everything I need to get done before I leave. Well when I got a hold of him, it turned out he just wanted to make sure I was still interested in case a vacancy opened up. I said Yes and he said he'd send the info to his supervisor. I hang up, disappointed but still hoping that I could accepted in the next couple weeks. At this point I'm already up so I take a run. About a half hour after that though, I get another call from Americorps! THis time it's to tell me that I am accepted, I am so excited that i can hardly talk on the phone (I think the person on the phone could tell that too as she was kinda laughing heh) so after i hang up. I am yelling! Excitement that's hard to contain! (no jumping around though, last time I jumped in excitement I sprained my ankle haha) after that i called my sister, then my mom (my mom was at work and had to take her break early because she was in tears, now i feel bad ) she's happy for me but understandably it will be hard for her to let me leave. After that I pretty much go through everyone in my contact list to tell them I'll be gone for ten months. I have like 4 more days to work at my job which is crazy, I've been there six months now. I'm really excited for this adventure to begin! I've never flown anywhere by myself, let alone go all the way to the other side of the country! It's still crazy to take in that in 5 days i will begin something that will be a huge life changer! I'll try to keep this blog up to post my adventures!!

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